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The R&K Guide To Johannesburg

“Tell me brother, have you heard from Johannesburg?” asked Gil Scott-Heron on his 1975 jazz album, From South Africa to South Carolina. That was a year before the student uprising in Johannesburg’s famous Soweto township, a watershed moment around the world for the anti-apartheid movement. Today, the busts of that movement’s veterans line the streets of central Johannesburg, or simply “Joburg” for the well-initiated. Known also as the City of Gold, it was the hotbed of rebellion and is now home to the struggle of every would-be hustler, artist, and musician trying to make a name. This is where it’s happening. If you’re an historian, a revolutionary, or a cultural enthusiast on the African continent, you know why you’ve already heard of Johannesburg.  If you haven’t, read on.

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