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R&K Essentials: Nuno’s Melville

WHAT TO EAT: Cappon pizza at Nuno’s Melville

With streets lined with colorful shops, single-family homes, and purple jacaranda trees, the suburb of Melville feels more like a small town than part of a big city. It’s a historic neighborhood with a bohemian spirit and old-town charm that draws students and tourists alike. Nuno’s Melville, an unpretentious Portuguese-Mozambican neighborhood restaurant with a focus on live music, has been serving  award-winning pizza and prawns since 1998.

Come on Sunday to catch one of their weekly acoustic jam sessions where you can listen to, then have a beer with, Melville’s favorite local musicians. We recommend starting your meal with an order of their Mozambican-style prawns cooked in peri-peri and lemon sauce, which earned the restaurant two nominations for best prawn restaurant in the country (one of which they won). Then, take advantage of their Sunday special: 100 rands (around US$7) for a medium pizza and draught beer. Their most popular pizza is the Cappon, which has a thin dough base topped with mushrooms, chicken, bacon, and avocado. At the end of your meal, you can also take home a bottle of their house chili sauce.

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