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R&K Essentials: Chaf-Pozi Soweto

Chaf-Pozi is more than just a grillhouse with a view: it’s a gathering space dedicated to serving fine cuts true Soweto shisa nyama style. Shisa nyama, which means “burn meat” in isiZulu, is a communal open-fire barbecue where meat is sold and grilled by the same vendor. It originated in South Africa’s black townships, like Soweto, which were planned ghettos for black workers during Apartheid, and still suffer from widespread economic and infrastructural problems.

Shisa nyama are where local communities come to socialize over heaping portions of meat and liters of drink. Chaf-Pozi is one of many new (and old) shisa nyama spots that celebrate this tradition. Stay long enough to savor the sounds, sights, and flavors that define Soweto. The twin cooling towers of the decommissioned Orlando Power Station feature South Africa’s largest mural and South Africa’s largest painted billboard. If you come on the right day, you might glimpse adventure chasers plummeting off the top of the towers—and rebounding back up—on a long rubber rope.

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