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R&K Essentials: Twelve Mile Limit

WHAT TO DRINK: The Baudin at Twelve Mile Limit

This friendly neighborhood dive bar is housed in a century-old former pumping station. Its walls are covered in paraphernalia from the past. The building itself is notable for its history: in the 20th century, it was a hangout spot for the major-league baseball players who trained at Pelican Park. It was almost completely destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, and has since re-emerged under new ownership as one of the most affordable spots in town for a creative cocktail and a warm community feel. Its pool table, jukebox, and old-school arcade games are perfect for drunken bonding, and their local draft beer and house cocktails are cheap and tasty.

For US$7, try the Baudin, a spicy whisky sour comprised of bourbon, honey, squeezed lemon, and a dash of Tabasco sauce. A house original, the Baudin takes simple, classic ingredients and adds a Cajun twist. Bartenders Megan Devine and Sarah Town are constantly coming up with new concoctions, so the contents of the cocktail menu change frequently, but remain reliably delicious. Also worth a try are the kitchen’s “Cuban Sandwich” loaded tots, which are topped with spicy aioli, crunchy and fatty lechon, and sour, crispy fried pickles. They pair well with most drinks, but especially with the amber lager on tap. Twelve Mile Limit is also famous for DJ Ann’s “Heatwave” oldies dance party, which turns the bar into a safe, high-energy space for grooving out to classic tunes every other Saturday.

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