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R&K Essentials: Elizabeth’s

WHAT TO EAT: Praline bacon at Elizabeth’s.

The whitewashed exterior of this French colonial corner house features brightly-colored original artwork celebrating the food served inside. A hand-painted sign over the door states the restaurant’s slogan: “Real Food Done Real Good,” and the perpetually long line seems to endorse it. The staple dish that draws crowds to this Bywater brunch favorite is their praline bacon, which they refer to as “pig candy.” The sugary praline coating caramelizes with the bacon’s fat to give each bite an extra crunchy burst of sweet, nutty, and savory.

Even though the praline bacon is Elizabeth’s most famous dish, their menu is stacked with hearty offerings that lean into Chef Bryon Peck’s deep affinity for all things Bayou. Everything is made from scratch, and Chef Bryon’s passion for Louisiana cuisine shines through in his combination of French, Southern, and Bayou flavors. Cheesy grits, boudin balls, crispy fried chicken liver, duck hash waffles, and fried green tomatoes—all these dishes frequently grace the restaurant’s floral-patterned plastic tablecloths in heaping portions. Whatever you order, you’ll probably need a to-go box for the leftovers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order a side of praline bacon—because at Elizabeth’s, you should always order a side of praline bacon.

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