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R&K Essentials: Dirty Coast

WHAT TO SEE: NOLA Swag at Dirty Coast.

If you’re not from New Orleans or haven’t lived there, you probably won’t “get” most of the t-shirts at Dirty Coast. Their clever, beautifully illustrated designs endeavor to capture the soul of New Orleans and celebrate its way of life. One of its most popular t-shirts reads “Soul Is Waterproof,” a slogan that embodies the mission that Dirty Coast took on after Hurricane Katrina to bolster and grow the city’s sense of pride. And it’s a mission they accomplish. With their loving homages to crawfish, Cajun cooking, and other pillars and quirks of NOLA culture, Dirty Coast’s t-shirts will make you wish you were from New Orleans.

Dirty Coast boasts that their t-shirts are a kind of secret handshake. They spread the idea that no matter where you go, you’re always a New Orleanian. Their t-shirts are universal, accessible, and relatable for anyone from the Crescent City. But even if you’re not from New Orleans, it’s worth stopping by Dirty Coast to appreciate their designs. By the end of your trip, maybe you’ll have learned enough about the city to take one home.

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