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R&K Essentials: Chef’s Table

WHAT TO EAT: Dinner at Chef’s Table.

A collaboration between the White Rabbit Family and Grand Cuisine, this set-menu gastronomic experience seats only sixteen guests for an intimate night of culinary theater. Auteur chef Vladimir Mukhin has also been featured in a Season 3 episode of Netflix’s original cooking show, Chef’s Table, and White Rabbit ranked at No.15 on 2018’s list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Chef’s Table is Mukhin’s pet project, even though his restaurant White Rabbit is already a wildly successful embodiment of his culinary philosophy. Mukhin is on a mission to reclaim Russian cuisine’s rich pre-Soviet history and modernize traditional ingredients for fine dining and international tastes. The immaculately plated morsels combine elements old and new, Russian and beyond. Chef’s Table frequently invites guest chefs from around the world to “perform” for its nightly guests, like Josean Alija of the Michelin-starred Nerua in Bilbao. While the dining room of White Rabbit is a spectacular glass atrium with views of the city, the diners at Chef’s Table are privileged with a more personal dining experience, seated around a massive rectangular bar that encircles the small kitchen space where two chefs prepare each course as diners watch. Come with space in your stomach and on your phone.

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