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R&K Essentials: Delicatessen

WHAT TO DRINK: the Pedro Manhattan at Delicatessen.

Longtime sips guru Slava Lankin’s windowless, wood-adorned hideout is a Muscovite bartender’s passion project—which is why it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite hang-out spot of Moscow’s bartender crowd. From the decor to the cocktails, every element of the experience at Delicatessen feels carefully crafted. There’s an upright piano and an inviting fireplace, and there’s a rhyme and reason for each ingredient in every drink. Although every creation is Lankin’s brainchild, he takes special pride in the Pedro Manhattan, a combination of bourbon, bitters, and a house vinegar reduction that showcases Lankin’s masterful touch. There’s also no drinks menu. Instead, the bartenders at Delicatessen will craft you specialty cocktails tailored to your personal taste, as well as classics and their own creations. Lankin’s crew also dabbles in food. Try the ceviche or the homemade bread.

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