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The R&K Guide To Penang

Pirates, British colonizers, Malays, Peranakan merchants, Chinese, Indians, and many more since: each played a special role in building this irresistibly kaleidoscopic corner of Malaysia. Multiple ethnicities, multiple faiths, a million flavors. Penang’s industrious collision of humans and food cultures created a cuisine so distinct and delicious that Penang has become a hunting ground for the food-obsessed, among locals and visitors alike. Come join the hunt.

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Hotel Picks

23LoveLane Hotel

From the amorous address to the deeply thoughtful decor, 23LoveLane in historic George Town is a graceful meditation on heritage and hospitality


The elegant Singapore-founded Shangri-La chain brings its white-glove service to the water with an alluring beachfront take on Penang-by-the-sea

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