The Trip is a podcast from Roads & Kingdoms, an online journal of travel, food, and politics. Hosted by foreign correspondent Nathan Thornburgh, each episode breaks the seal on a bottle somewhere in the world, from Havana to the Himalayas, from jungle hallucinogens to Andalusian cave cooking. New episodes drop each Monday. Beats by Dan the Automator. Artwork by Edel Rodriguez.
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Episode 10: Day Drinking at Netflix October 22, 2018

Samin Nosrat and Nathan Thornburgh indulge in amaro cocktails at Netflix

Episode 9: Chasing Korean Cornbread October 15, 2018

Nicole Choi’s mother as a child, in cornbread-laden postwar Korea

Episode 8: Drinking Saint Petersburg October 8, 2018

Asya Khramchenkova’s steady pour has made Bar Khroniki a Saint Petersburg favorite

Episode 7: A damn fine mezcal October 1, 2018

Read excerpts from the conversation with José Andrés, Matt Goulding, and a disappearing bottle of mezcal

Episode 6: Goats, Gods and Garlic February 22, 2018

Episode 5: The Man We Call Chacho February 15, 2018

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Episode 4: The Sandwich that Ate Pakistan February 8, 2018

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Episode 3: Superman of Havana February 1, 2018

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Episode 2: Dancing with the Dead January 25, 2018

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Episode 1: The Root of All Things January 18, 2018

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The Trailer: January 16, 2018