James Beard Publication of the Year 2017

The R&K Guide To Beirut

Beirut feels impossible, but there it sits. For thousands of years, peoples on this promontory between the Mediterranean and Mount Lebanon have survived earthquakes, tidal waves, fires, plagues, famines, wars, assassinations, occupations, and techno. They’ve also, somehow, survived each other. All the while, they’ve kept Beirut’s flame alive, guarding the chaos that creates—allows for?—cosmopolitanism. Come, join in and see what this splendid mess has to offer.

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Hotel Picks

Albergo Hotel

This classic near the historic center is known for its rich decor from throughout the Middle East, but don’t skip drinks at dusk at the rooftop bar.

The Smallville

An ambitious design hotel with themed rooms, “happily stocked minibars” and loyal fans. Just off the cafes and bistros of Badaro Street.

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