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Tourism After the Taliban

Bamiyan, a small Afghan mountain town best known for its blown-up Buddhas, wants to be your next holiday destination.

Recovering from Cultural Terrorism?

The Porn We Deserve: Q&A with Katia Repina

After spending three years within the world of pornography in Spain, the Russian photographer discovered the complexities of the industry.

“The violence we have inside us”

United Kingdämmerung

Scotland may be about to secede from the United Kingdom - but just what is it about their southern neighbors, the English, that made them the most evil people on the planet?

The sham of independence

Control Your Acceleration

Driving lessons from the heart of the Ebola crisis

Life inside the UN Mission

Three Times the Highland Games

Independent or not, Scots will continue to gather in the highlands for feats of strength and other forms of absurdity

An Apple a Day Keeps Putin Away

Ola Cichowlas returns to the Polish orchards her grandmother grew up in to find out how apple growers are handling Russia’s boycott of this year’s harvest

Wrath of the Bollywood Superfans

I set out to write an honest profile of Shahid Kapoor, one of India’s biggest stars. His fans may never forgive me.

"America's Best Travel Journalism Site" -The Society of American Travel Writers

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Wandering “Djerbahood”

An unlikely project has turned the ancient village of Erriadh on Tunisia’s Djerba island into a sprawling open-air graffiti exhibition.

The Day Imam Tahir Died

A prominent cleric in Western China is stabbed to death after morning prayers, but his city does not mourn him.

A Voice for Ukraine, in Southern Brazil

The immigrants of Prudentópolis are doing their part to keep the culture of (independent) Ukraine alive.

Inside China’s Cancer Villages: Q&A with Souvid Datta

The Indian photographer explores the human cost of pollution in the world's fastest-growing economy.

Cacophony of Chaos

For one week a year, the hard-bitten Serbian town of Guca erupts with blaring trumpets, pig roasts, and a splash of nationalism.

The Perils of Photojournalism

The largest photojournalism festival in the world, Visa Pour l'Image provides a sense of continuity and stability in difficult times.

“There is Nothing Like This Festival”

Morocco’s Gnawa Music Festival is a melee of dreadlocks and drumbeats. Lots of hash and condoms, too.

Black Sea Dance Paradox

After Russia’s takeover of Crimea, a famous rave relocates to an increasingly conservative country, the Republic of Georgia.

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