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Shokunin: Q&A with Michael Magers

The concept of Shokunin, an artisan deeply and singularly dedicated to his or her craft, is at the core of Japanese culture. But they're a dying breed.

“Just being around these guys, you feel like you're transported.”

A Young Muslim in Old Havana

A Pakistani expat finds an unlikely home (and halal food) in Cuba’s capital

Frozen chicken from Azerbaijan

The Real Peshmerga

Ever since Kurdish fighters pushed back against ISIS last summer, the media has struggled to pinpoint exactly who the peshmerga are. Over the course of six months, Jacob Russell photographed the every day life of Kurdistan's last best hope.

Warriors in Flip-Flops

Last Run on Haida Gwaii

Two cousins trek to a remote island mountain in B.C. for the shortest ski of their lives

Journey Not Destination Dept.

Babylon Backs Down

What will the decriminalization of marijuana mean for Jamaica’s Rastafarians?

The Cane Cutters of Brazil

As a child, Marcio Pimenta wondered about the men working in the sugar cane fields near his home in eastern Brazil. Thirty years later, he decided to photograph them.

In the Shadow of the State

Trekking in India’s most remote river valley

"America's Best Travel Journalism Site" -The Society of American Travel Writers

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Lunch With Singapore’s Old Left

Once a year, a group of geriatric leftists gathers to talk politics over roast chicken and bowls of (imitation) shark fin soup

Karachi, United

The ups and downs of a women’s soccer team in Pakistan

After the Crash

In the Ukrainian town where Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky, 90 percent of adults are out of work, young men drink vodka on airplane seats, and nightmares of the crash keep children…

17 Things to Know Before You Go Live in a Cave in the Yukon

From ice-commuting to sipping human-toe cocktails, what you need to know before moving into your very own cave in the Yukon.

The Forbidden Nearby

As Cuba opens its doors to the U.S., a Cuban-American considers her own shifting relationship with the island nation

Making Porn, Raising a Family

Photographer Liza Van Der Stock’s intimate project about a porn-producing family in Flanders was shortlisted for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

Detained in Suburbia

On the outskirts of Sydney, Villawood Detention Centre is home to one of Australia’s darker immigration policies

Egyptian Ruins

A year after its destruction, Cairo’s Museum of Islamic Art remains a bombed-out shell.

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