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Larp Comes out of the Shadows

At the most influential Live Action Role-Playing gathering of its kind, the weirdest thing isn’t wizards or witches—it’s new-found fame

‘“I saw your website on Teen Vogue.” WTF!?’

Soccer and Tear Gas

An amateur team in Turkish Kurdistan competes against a backdrop of police violence and a moribund peace process.

The most important match in ten years

Creative Disobedience: Q&A with Jeremy Suyker

The French photographer documents Iran's vibrant art world and the creativity triggered by restriction.

"Everything is banned but everything is possible"

Law in the Great Sand Sea

In Egypt’s frontier, a centuries-old code of tribal law is losing its sway

Money, politics, and ‘Urfi

Forty Years in Exile

Around 100,000 Sahrawis live as refugees in the Algerian desert, dreaming of the day Western Sahara will be theirs again.

Going the Distance in North Korea

Writer Will Philipps takes part in the Pyongyang marathon, in the first year the Hermit Kingdom has opened the race to foreign amateur runners.

City of Forgotten Souls

In Kolkata, a tranquil and crumbling British cemetery is a haunting monument to an unforgiving time

"America's Best Travel Journalism Site" -The Society of American Travel Writers

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Australia’s Temple of Weird

A controversial museum funded by an eccentric millionaire, featuring a poo machine and the chocolate-coated entrails of a suicide bomber, has bolstered tourism in Tasmania, much to critics’ dismay.

Dog Fight in Kabul: Q&A with Andrew Quilty

The Australian photographer looks at daily life in a country that the international community is forgetting.

Gangster’s Paradise

In Honduras’s most violent city, fear and despair fuels an unwelcome exodus to the U.S.

Borneo’s Tribal Punk

In the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain, an artist collective fights punk’s global homogenization by mixing local political issues with DIY art

The Big Red Center

The Ghan—a three-day, 1,850-mile train journey—is the best way to experience the vastness of the Australian outback

Colombia’s Bloom Boom

On farms outside Bogotá, Valentine’s Day is less hearts and kisses and more big bucks and sore backs.

Russian Lives: Q&A with Misha Friedman

A photographer documents the lives of a lesbian couple in Putin's Russia, in all its brutal intimacy.

The Storefront Maids of Singapore

Agencies touting the services of foreign domestic workers have come under fire for exploitation, but change has come slowly.

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