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Kashmir’s Heroin Highway

The war-torn region has become a major narcotics trafficking route, sparking a new Indian drug epidemic.

The last line of Defense

Ghanaian Hustle

At Suame Magazine, more than 200,000 skilled workers armed with welding guns and hammers make up the heart of the country’s informal economy

Jerry-rigged in Ghana

The People’s Liberation Diet

Writer Jonathan White spends one torturous week eating nothing but Chinese military rations and lives to tell the tale.

‘Worst Thing I Have Ever Eaten’

17 Things to Know Before You Go to Milan

A city of more than 50 shades of gray and Italy's undisputed drinking capital, our guide to essential Milan intel.

"Cappuccino tastes better in Milan"

Men and Food

The French photographer on his quest to document the food of our ancestors

Sheikh of the Skies

To curtail a growing pigeon problem, Dubai is turning to an ancient bird of prey.

Just Don’t Call it a Panama Hat

Ecuador never got the credit it deserved for its exquisite traditional straw hats, and now, they're in danger of disappearing for good

"America's Best Travel Journalism Site" -The Society of American Travel Writers

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Hanging Ten in Taiwan

A fear of the ocean and restricted coastlines once prevented people from heading to the beach, but a group of surfers are turning the tide on this subtropical island

All God’s Creatures

Behold the North Carolina Museum of Creation and Taxidermy Hall of Fame, where an Ark-load of stuffed animals offers ‘evidence’ of the Lord’s handiwork

Metamorpolis: Q&A with Tim Franco

A portrait of the megacity of Chongqing in southwest China, where millions are witnessing unprecedented urbanization and having to adapt to new worlds.

The Ukrainian Serengeti

Bordering war-torn Crimea, the world’s oldest steppe reserve—home to zebras, buffaloes, and wildebeests—fights for survival.

Cities of the Dead: Q&A with Margaret Morton

Crawling up mountains or lying in deserted plateaus, Kyrgyzstan's ancestral cemeteries reflect the country's complex religious and cultural identities.

In Search of Ragu

On the hunt for Italy’s greatest plate of pasta

No Way But Nauru

Since 2001, the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru has been the site of a detention center used by Australia to house asylum seekers.

17 Things to Know Before You Go to Belgrade

The Serbian capital has seen a thing or two. From pork and coffee to Attila the Hun, the essentials for enjoying and understanding the White City.

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