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The Muslim Undertakers of East London

As the city’s Muslim population soars, burial services are in growing demand. Meet the motley crew that ushers the dead to the afterlife.

Islamic, Classic Cockney or Harley Davidson?

On the Frontline of Ukrainian Democracy

Journalist Annabelle Chapman, serving as election observer, watches as the country continues its westward course after months of turmoil

Darth Vader, Candidate

My Kirkuk

Since 2007, Hawre Khalid has been photographing his hometown in Northern Iraq, a multicultural place where Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Christians and foreign workers live together.

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Hamlet in Kashmir

A controversial new film reimagines Indian-held Kashmir as the backdrop for Shakespeare’s troubled prince.

Essay by Omar Wairich

The West African Diaries

After working as a correspondent in Africa, a British writer discovers an album of photographs mysteriously taken in Sierra Leone during the 19th century.

An American Drug Dealer in China

Meet Rob, who sells weed and ketamine to an eager audience of expats in Beijing. His only problem? The police are cracking down.

Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play: Q&A with Debi Cornwall

An American lawyer-turned-photographer visits Guantánamo Bay's residential and leisure spaces to explore the human experience of living there.

"America's Best Travel Journalism Site" -The Society of American Travel Writers

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Southern Exposure

The “smoking bar" on Antarctica's McMurdo Station was raucous and depraved. For Hunter R. Slaton, it was perfect.

Toward Land’s End

On the eve of the World Series, San Francisco native Lincoln Mitchell writes about the western reaches of the city in which he grew up.

The Hyenas of Harar

A trip to an Ethiopian city for a feeding ritual that shows that we can all get along, at least when there’s enough food to go around.

Turkey’s Dying Greek Press

In Istanbul, a once-mighty newspaper that serves the country’s dwindling Greek community is in danger of collapse

A Russian Mining Town in Norway: Q&A with Paul S. Amundsen

The town of Barentsburg located high in the Arctic feels every bit like aSoviet town stuck in time. Except it's in Norway.

A Free Dive in Japan

Photographer Michael Magers spends an afternoon diving for urchin with the incredible women divers—many of them in the 60s and older—of Mie Prefecture.

Know Before You Go: São Paulo

A traveler's tipsheet for deciphering one of the world's great megacities: São Paulo, Brazil

Ghost Town Democracy

Bolivia empties out for Election Day.

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