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Sicily, East to West

October 20-26, 2024

Ice cream for breakfast. Evening aperitivos. Leisurely late-night meals: Lean in to the rhythms of Sicilian life with an unparalleled food bounty shaped by the Mediterranean and centuries of conquest and exchange. Many of Italian cuisine’s best-loved dishes are rooted in Sicilian soil—join us for a tour of some of the best ingredients and meals Europe has to offer.

Eugenio Signoroni

Our Host

Editor, Osterie d’Italia guide
Eugenio Signoroni

Katie Parla

Trip Guide

Author, Guide, Fiat Panda Obsessive
Katie Parla

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EUGENIO SIGNORONI: Cook, Traveler, Editor of the annual Osteria d’Italia Guide 

There may not be a single person in all of the Republic better qualified to know what to eat, at what time of year, and with whom, than Eugenio Signoroni. After a long editorial career at the iconic Slow Food, he has branched out to write prolifically about—and design League trips around— Italian food culture in all parts of the boot. He is the host of Lievito Madre, one of Italy’s top food podcasts. A perfect host for this journey.

KATIE PARLA: Rome-based food and beverage writer, culinary guide, and cookbook author

Katie Parla, a native of what she calls the 21st region of Italy (that’s New Jersey), always dreamed of moving to Italy. And now, 20 years after she made the leap, she’s one of the foremost authorities on Italian food and drink, in all its thousand variations. You may have seen her guiding Stanley Tucci around Rome for his CNN show, or perhaps you’ve read one of her many books (the most recent, Food of the Italian Islands, is a banger). Either way, we’re thrilled she’s helping us showcase Sicily.


Many of Italian cuisine’s best-loved dishes are rooted in Sicilian soil. Our weeklong journey moves across the island for a deep dive into the cuisine and the cultures that continue shaping it. From the wine country around Mt Etna to the food markets of Palermo, embrace Sicily’s multi-faceted bounty.

October 20-26, 2024

Day 1

Oct 20 Sun

Welcome to Sicily

  • Relais San Giuliano
  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 280, 95029 Viagrande CT
  • +390959891671
  • Arrive at Catania’s Vincenzo Bellini Airport
  • Private transfer to a villa in Riposto, nestled between Mt Etna and the sea
  • Welcome cocktails and dinner

Day 2

Oct 21 Mon

Granita, the gem of Sicily

  • Relais San Giuliano
  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 280, 95029 Viagrande CT
  • +390959891671
  • A morning with Giovanna Musumeci in the village of Randazzo, a master of traditional granita—that flaky, icy, smooth confection that is one of Sicily’s best-kept secrets.
  • Private lunch at the Etna wine estate of Giralamo Russo with Carmelo Chiaramonte, the charismatic, effervescent Sicilian chef
  • There is no exceptional granita without exceptional fruit, so in the afternoon we’ll visit some of the young producers who give their products to Giovanna. Also: there will be wine.

Day 3

Oct 22 Tue

Veni, Vidi, Vulcano

  • Relais San Giuliano
  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 280, 95029 Viagrande CT
  • +390959891671
  • Leisurely morning, beginning to mimic Sicilian rhythms of life: a good slow breakfast; a short, dark espresso; good conversation and much relaxation.
  • An afternoon with Salvo Foti, champion of indigenous grape varietals, in his vineyards in Milo. We’ll lunch and walk the volcanic terrain that makes Etna such a prized wine region.
  • Dinner at Quattro Archi, a classic trattoria high on the slopes of Mt Etna

Day 4

Oct 23 Wed

Into the Mountains

  • Susafa Resort
  • Contrada Susafa, 90028 Polizzi generosa PA, Italy
  • +393389608713
  • Transfer to Susafa in the Madonie mountains in the heartland of Sicily
  • Leisurely lunch at the Susafa family estate
  • An afternoon swim with mountain vistas and plentiful Sicilian wines
  • Private masterclass on Sicilian baking and traditional grains

Day 5

Oct 24 Thu

Cheese, ricotta, cannoli

  • Palazzo Santamarina
  • Palermo (PA) – Via Del Celso, 21
  • +39 091 5077670
  • An indulgent breakfast, a lazy morning, a slow start toward Palermo
  • Piana degli Albanesi is considered the best place to eat Italy’s pastry staple, the cannolo siciliano—the secret is the extraordinary local sheep ricotta
  • Lunch with the Spera family, multigenerational farmers at Balzo Rosso, with breathtaking views of the Aeolian Sea and an extraordinary dairy that help make the region’s cannoli what they are
  • Into Palermo! Check in at the Palazzo Santamarina, built in an ancient palace in the center of everything
  • Dinner at a creative trattoria in the heart of the city

Day 6

Oct 25 Fri

The Grandeur of Palermo

  • Palazzo Santamarina
  • Palermo (PA) – Via Del Celso, 21
  • +39 091 5077670
  • Wake up in one of the most atmospheric port cities on earth: Palermo, a city so beautiful the Phoenicians just called it Flower.
  • Afternoon walk discovering the bustling, buzzing Ballarò market, and the food traditions of sfincione, pane e panelle, pani ca meusa. In every bite, the soul of the city unfolds.
  • Marsala tasting!
  • Last night dinner at Corona Trattoria, a full-throated celebration of the seafood and the culinary life of Palermo

Day 7

Oct 26 Sat


  • Palermo
  • One last great Sicilian breakfast
  • Private transfer to Palermo’s Falcone-Borsellino Airport
  • Arrivederci!

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