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The bread basket of Italy

Puglia: The Real Dolce Vita

May 6-13, 2023

The heel of the boot has mainland Italy’s longest coastline, white-sand beaches, winds from the Sahara desert—and the perfect climate for its centuries-old olive groves. Puglia’s rich agricultural legacy includes the fairytale stone villages of the Valle d’Itria and a hearty cuisine that gave the world burrata and orecchiette. Spend some time in Puglia’s laid-back embrace. 

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Eugenio Signoroni

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More than just the breadbasket of Italy, Puglia is the farming stronghold that nourishes Italy, the laid-back and lovely home of bread, cheese, seafood, wine. Join us for a week of celebrating the finest the heel of the boot produces: outstanding seafood crudo of Italy’s longest mainland coast, famous pasta, mozzarella masters. We’ll be based in a gorgeous masseria—a Puglian villa—that will be all our own, branching out from there for pilgrimages to the birthplace of the region’s distinctive salumi and cheese, and raising many glasses with some of Italy’s most innovative winemakers.

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May 6-13, 2023

Day 1

May 6 Sat

A first taste of Puglia

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • A welcome dinner in traditional osteria, Cibus, in Ceglie Messapica—a hymn to this corner of Puglia with a tasting of local salumi, cheeses, and pasta

Day 2

May 7 Sun

Trul(l)i and Olive Oil

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • Puglia is one of Italy’s biggest producers of olive oil, and its centuries-old olive trees are one of the region’s biggest attractions. In the fairytale stone-house village of Alberobello, Intini produces olive oil with indigenous varieties 
  • Dinner in the masseria, with local specialties such as orecchiette and focaccia barese 

Day 3

May 8 Mon

Formaggio e Pane

  • Luxury Cave Dwelling in Matera
  • A day in Alta Murgia with the Dicecca brothers to discover the area and its cheeses, flavored with the herbs that grow in these mountains
  • Sampling Altamura’s traditional bread at Di Gesù bakery
  • A night exploring the hill town of Matera

Day 4

May 9 Tue

Slow Matera

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • A relaxing day in Matera to discover the city and its traditions 
  • Dinner at Botteghe Antiche in Putignano

Day 5

May 10 Wed

A Butcher’s Feast in Martina Franca

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • A visit to Francesco Carriero farm to see how pata negra pigs are transformed into the famous local salume, Capocollo di Martina Franca
  • Dinner in the traditional fornello, Da Riccardo, to taste an array of region’s best meats: bombetta, straccetti, gnummariedd, and more

Day 6

May 11 Thu

The Fruits of Il Mare Piccolo

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • The town of Taranto holds the jewel of Mare Piccolo, a lagoon where oysters and bearded mussels—two examples of crudo, Puglian raw fish antipasto—are farmed
  • Seafood dinner in Osteria la Sciabica in Brindisi

Day 7

May 12 Fri

Formaggio e Vino

  • SP125, 74020 Lizzano TA
  • +393346084562
  • Nodini, burrata, and stracciatella are only a small part of Puglia’s unmatched variety of traditional dairy products, and Gioia del Colle is their headquarters
  • Farewell party in Masseria La Cattiva, a young and eccentric natural winery

Day 8

May 13 Sat


  • Bari Airport
  • One last languorous breakfast at our Masseria
  • Private transfer to Bari Airport for flights home

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