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La Vita Siciliana

October 15 - October 21, 2023

Ice cream for breakfast. Evening aperitivos. Leisurely late-night meals: Lean in to the rhythms of Sicilian life with an unparalleled food bounty shaped by the Mediterranean and centuries of conquest and exchange. Many of Italian cuisine’s best-loved dishes are rooted in Sicilian soil—join us for a tour of some of the best ingredients and meals Europe has to offer.

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R&K Trip Itinerary

Many of Italian cuisine’s best-loved dishes are rooted in Sicilian soil. Our weeklong journey moves across the island for a deep dive into the cuisine and the cultures that continue shaping it. From the wine country around Mt Etna to the food markets of Palermo, embrace Sicily’s multi-faceted bounty. See our health and safety protocols here

October 15 – October 21, 2023

Day 1

Oct 15 Sun

Welcome to Sicily

  • Riposto, Catania
  • Arrive at Catania’s Vincenzo Bellini Airport
  • Private transfer to a villa in Riposto, nestled between Mt Etna and the sea
  • Welcome cocktails and dinner

Day 2

Oct 16 Mon

Veni, Vidi, Vulcano

  • Riposto, Catania
  • Leisurely morning, beginning to mimic Sicilian rhythms of life: a good slow breakfast; a short, dark espresso; good conversation and much relaxation.
  • An afternoon with Salvo Foti, champion of indigenous grape varietals, in his vineyards in Milo. We’ll lunch and walk the volcanic terrain that makes Etna such a prized wine region.
  • Private dinner at an Etna villa with Carmelo Chiaramonte, the charismatic, effervescent Sicilian chef

Day 3

Oct 17 Tue

Granita, the gem of Sicily

  • Riposto, Catania
  • A morning with Giovanna Musumeci in the village of Randazzo, a master of traditional granita—that flaky, icy, smooth confection that is one of Sicily’s best-kept secrets.
  • There is no exceptional granita without exceptional fruit, so in the afternoon we’ll visit some of the young producers who give their products to Giovanna. Also: there will be wine.
  • Dinner at Zash, Michelin-star restaurant in Riposto, which combines amazing local products of the Etna region with stunning creativity.

Day 4

Oct 18 Wed

Into the Mountains

  • Susafa Resort
  • Contrada Susafa, 90028 Polizzi generosa PA, Italy
  • +393389608713
  • Transfer to Susafa in the Madonie mountains in the heartland of Sicily
  • Leisurely lunch with the Susafa family on their estate
  • An afternoon swim with mountain vistas and plentiful Sicilian wines
  • Private masterclass on Sicilian baking and traditional grains

Day 5

Oct 19 Thu

Cheese, ricotta, cannoli

  • Grand Hotel et Des Palmes
  • Via Roma, 398, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
  • +39 091 804 8800
  • An indulgent breakfast, a lazy morning, a slow start toward Palermo
  • Piana degli Albanesi is considered the best place to eat Italy’s pastry staple, the cannolo siciliano—the secret is the extraordinary local sheep ricotta
  • Lunch with the Spera family, multigenerational farmers at Balzo Rosso, with breathtaking views of the Aeolian Sea and an extraordinary dairy that help make the region’s cannoli what they are
  • Dinner at Buatta Cucina Popolana, a classic trattoria in the old city

Day 6

Oct 20 Fri

The Grandeur of Palermo

  • Grand Hotel et Des Palmes
  • Via Roma, 398, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
  • +39 091 804 8800
  • Wake up in one of the most atmospheric port cities on earth: Palermo, a city so beautiful the Phoenicians just called it Flower.
  • Afternoon walk discovering the Ballarò and Capo markets, and the food traditions of sfincione, pane e panelle, pani ca meusa. In every bite, the soul of the city unfolds.
  • Last night dinner in Corona Trattoria, a historic but modern seafood osteria in the heart of the city, with a guided tasting of exquisite Marsala wines

Day 7

Oct 21 Sat


  • Palermo
  • One last great Sicilian breakfast
  • Private transfer to Palermo’s Falcone-Borsellino Airport
  • Arrivederci!

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