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From Piedmont To Liguria

Nov 12-19, 2023

From the hilltop fortresses of the Piedmont to the dramatic coastline of Liguria, this iconic weeklong journey includes the finest cuts of Northern Italy. In the hills, it’s wine, hazelnut, cheese and handmade pasta. On the coast, it’s fresh fish, sunshine, olive oil. Luxurious accommodations and insider access to a world-famous food culture await.

Eugenio Signoroni

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Editor, Osterie d’Italia guide
Eugenio Signoroni

Nathan Thornburgh

Trip Guide

R&K Co-Founder
Nathan Thornburgh

R&K Trip Itinerary

This is a week of the prime cut of Northern Italy, from the foothills of the Alps through Torino down to the Cinque Terre, with its cliffside vineyards and coastal villages. The story of this region in Autumn is the story of osterias and ochre forests, white truffles and big red wines. This journey unfolds easily, sumptuously, from one day to the next, staying in the finest hotels and drinking with the most renowned producers as we dive headlong into the Very Beautiful Lifestyle of the north. We are led in this journey by Eugenio Signoroni, editor at Slow Food, editor of the annual guide to Italian Osteria, a man who makes it his business to know everybody and one of the best bites of the region. He will be joined by Nathan Thornburgh, Roads & Kingdoms co-founder and editor of the R&K book Pasta Pane Vino: Deep Travels through Italy’s Food Culture.

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Nov 12-19, 2023

Day 1

Nov 12 Sun

Veni, Vidi, Vermouth

  • Via Piero Gobetti
  • +39 011 5515826
  • Welcome cocktails at an Art Nouveau cafe under the gilded arcades of old Torino
  • Classic Piemontese osteria dishes in a long, relaxed, family-style dinner at Antiche Sere
  • A warm and regal introduction to Italy’s first capital city

Day 2

Nov 13 Mon

From Piazzas to the Sea

  • Via Cappuccini
  • +39 0185 41175
  • An insider’s visit and tasting at Guido Gobino, iconic chocolatier
  • Private dining lunch at Farmacia Del Cambio, an institution on Torino’s Piazza Carignano
  • Transfer to our Ligurian seaside resort, with cocktails and light dinner by the sea

Day 3

Nov 14 Tue

The Cliffside Wines of Cinque Terre

  • Via Cappuccini
  • +39 0185 41175
  • Ride the deep azure waters of the Cinque Terre to Riomaggiore in a Ligurian gozzo
  • Wine tasting in the cliffside vineyards of Possa natural wines
  • Aperitif and dinner at the private farm of Osteria Raieu, for raw, smoked, and grilled fish and hearth-roasted vegetables

Day 4

Nov 15 Wed

Those Pesto-Green Hills

  • La Morra, Borgata Cerequio
  • +39 0173 50657
  • Free morning beachside and in the coastal town of Sestri Levante
  • A languorous Ligurian lunch at La Brinca, one of Italy’s greatest osterias
  • Pesto-making masterclass with La Brinca’s chef
  • Transfer to Palas Cerequio in the rolling vineyards of the Piedmont, where wine, cocktails and small plates of regional specialties await

Day 5

Nov 16 Thu

Wine, Style, Cuisine

  • La Morra, Borgata Cerequio
  • +39 0173 50657
  • An insider’s tour and tasting of the powerhouse winemaker Ceretto
  • Private lunch at the Artist Studio, Patti Smith’s home away from home, nestled in the Ceretto vineyards
  • Dinner at the Michelin 3-star restaurant Piazza Duomo with chef Enrico Crippa

Day 6

Nov 17 Fri

Cheese, Hazelnut, Truffle

  • La Morra, Borgata Cerequio
  • +39 0173 50657
  • Visits to legendary hazelnut and gianduja producers Papa dei Boschi and Silvio Pistone, cheesemaker
  • Barolo picnic in the vineyards of Serralunga D’Alba catered by regional chefs
  • Truffle-infused dinner on the grounds of the former royal estate at Guido Ristorante

Day 7

Nov 18 Sat

Of Rice and Wine

  • Via Piero Gobetti
  • +39 011 5515826
  • A day trip north through the green river valleys and hillside villages of Carema and beyond
  • Natural wine in the vineyards with northern Piedmont’s most celebrated young winemaker
  • Risotto at one of Italy’s most famous rice estates
  • Last dinner at Condividere, the wildest, most inventive restaurant in Torino

The Hotels

In Torino, there is only one hotel that brings together rock stars on tour, visiting football players from Juventus, and all others who have an eye for history, proximity and high thread count. It’s the Principi di Piemonte, a monument to Italian brutalism that has been converted to Torino’s finest hotel, in the middle of everything.

Palas Cerequio, a boutique property in the vineyards between the villages of La Morra and Barolo, is both deeply connected to the Piedmont landscape and yet stands completely apart. Is it a good place to lounge poolside with a glass of some crisp and toothsome vino bianco while staring out across some of the world’s most famous vineyards? Yes, yes it is.

Sestri Levante’s Helvetia is everything you want from a grand Ligurian seaside resort: views of the endless aquamarine water, impeccable service, and a private beach to boot. Add in its location in the quintessential Ligurian coastal town of Sestri Levante, and you have the full complement of sea, sun, shopping, and, for us of course, fresh seafood.

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