2018 Primetime Emmy
& James Beard Award Winner

In Memory of Anthony Bourdain

Through conversations over food and drinks, Bourdain brought the world—and the joys and hardships of that world—into our living rooms.

We woke up to the tragic news this morning. Our dear colleague and partner Anthony Bourdain passed away in France, where he was filming the next season of Parts Unknown.

Bourdain meant so many things to so many people. Not just to those who knew him personally and worked with him, but to millions of fans and viewers who admired his unending curiosity and unapologetic candor as he traveled across the world to tell simple and complicated stories in the most powerful ways. Through conversations over food and drinks, he brought the world—and the joys and hardships of that world—into our living rooms.

Bourdain also supported our work tremendously, and helped us elevate the kind of rich, poignant storytelling R&K aspires to do, particularly through the Dispatched series that was curated by him. Telling stories that humanized people who might otherwise be unseen or unheard was important to him, and it’s something we will strive to continue in our work.

Now more than ever, the world needs the message that was at the heart of Bourdain’s work: we have nothing to fear from one another, that we are all connected by our love for food, drink, conversation, and our hope to live in peace and happiness.

We’ll miss you, Tony. Rest in peace.

If you’re depressed, feeling down, please talk to your loved ones. Talk to anyone. If you need help, call the suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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