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R&K Essentials: L’Alba D’Oro

WHAT TO EAT: Deep-fried pizza at L’Alba D’Oro.

Scotland is addicted to deep-fried food. With its 6,160 miles of coastline and many islands, it makes sense that Scotland does fish and chips especially well. L’Alba D’Oro, founded in 1975 by Italian immigrants Filippo and Maria-Celeste Crolla, is an Edinburgh New Town chippy institution. Soon after they founded the chippy, the Crollas reached back to their roots in the central Italian mountain commune of Picinisco to create the Italian counterpart to their fish-and-chip shop: Anima, a pizzeria and soul-food eatery next door.

But it’s at L’Alba D’Oro where you’ll find the Crollas’ legendary deep-fried cheese and tomato pizza keeping the day’s catch company in the deep fryer. L’Alba’s deep-fried pizza combines the best of both Scottish and Italian soul food. The same golden batter that envelops L’Alba’s famous haddock lends a memorable crunch to the sweet and tart tomatoes and hot, savory cheese inside. It’s the perfect late-night comfort food after or even during a long night of drinking.

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