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About R&K

Roads & Kingdoms is an independent journal of food, politics, travel and culture. It won the 2017 James Beard Publication of the Year award and had previously been named SATW’s Best Travel Journalism Site. The magazine first launched in Myanmar as a Tumblr that became a home for reports on everything from Burmese civil war to dissident MCs to the perils of rancid crab. R&K is now a digital magazine and production company based in New York and Barcelona, publishing longform dispatches, interviews and global ephemera daily.

Our publishing partnerships have included everything from Explore Parts Unknown, the digital home for Anthony Bourdain’s award-winning show on CNN, to our weekly foreign correspondence dispatches with Slate. We also partner with select brands. See our R&K Studio Page for case studies and contacts.

“Roads & Kingdoms” is cribbed from The Book of Roads & Kingdoms, a phenomenal early travelogue written in the 11th century by Abu Abdullah al-Bakri in Córdoba, now home to a mediocre football club playing in Spain’s second division.

How to Pitch: We accept pitches from freelance writers, carousers and photographers. The first and most important thing is to read Roads & Kingdoms. Our stories are a little different here, and if you can pick up on that difference, you’ll have a much better chance of success. We do not accept completed manuscripts, so even if you’ve already written a piece, just send us a pithy paragraph or two about what it is. Email your idea to and you’ll get an autoresponse with more information about our rates and approval process.


Nathan Thornburgh

Co-Founder / CEO

Nathan Thornburgh spent nearly a decade working at TIME Magazine as a foreign correspondent and editor. He’s reported on everything from cyberwar in Russia (favorite dish: solyanka) to information war in Georgia (favorite dish: khinkali) to the drug wars in Juarez (favorite dish: chilaquiles). Nathan speaks four languages and can point at pictures of food on menus written in 20 others.

Matt Goulding

Co-Founder / Publisher

Matt Goulding is the former food editor of Men's Health and the co-author of the New York Times bestselling series Eat This, Not That. He published his first travel story about being the only American in a Spanish culinary school. In the decade since, he's cooked on boats in Patagonia, worked at a carwash in Barcelona, and taught MCAT courses in the Bay Area. Mostly, though, he has worked in the magazine business, first compiling the Index at Harper's and later covering food and travel for Men's Health. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Food and Wine and New York. He divides his time between the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and the open skies of rural North Carolina.

Anthony Bourdain


World-renowned chef, bestselling author and multiple-Emmy winning television personality Anthony Bourdain is best known for traveling the globe as part of the CNN show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Bourdain is the author of the bestselling Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, a candid, hysterical, and sometimes shocking portrait of life in restaurant kitchens that has been translated into more than 28 languages – as well as the travel journal, A Cook’s Tour, the non-fiction Medium Raw, 3 crime novels, a cookbook, a biography of Typhoid Mary, the bestselling graphic novel Get JIRO!, and others. Bourdain joined the writing staff of HBO’s Treme in 2011, contributing to the popular drama’s restaurant storylines. He recently launched his own publishing line with Ecco, Anthony Bourdain Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. The first titles were released in 2013.

Cara Parks

Executive Editor

Cara Parks is the former executive editor of Modern Farmer and deputy managing editor of Foreign Policy. She's also lived in Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, and a few other places where the food wasn't as good. She has taught as an adjunct professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, from which she is also a graduate, and has written for The New Republic, The New York Times, Slate, and others. In a former life, she was a line cook in Portland, Oregon and a baker on the Lower East Side.

Pauline Eiferman

Director of Photography

Pauline Eiferman was born in Paris and lived in Washington DC and London before moving to New York. After graduating from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, she worked for Agence France Presse and Monocle Magazine. For Roads & Kingdoms she oversees all photography and Instagram contributors and interviews amazing photographers from around the world.

Courtney Brooks

Executive Editor,

Courtney Brooks is a former features editor at Al Jazeera America's website, and specializes in politics of sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet bloc. An international diplomacy wonk, she is one of the few people who loves reading a United Nations resolution from beginning to end. Courtney lived in Havana, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Prague, and Dublin before making New York her home, and has backpacked through Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. She has reported for World Policy Journal, The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, and The Irish Times, among others, and is an International Women's Media Foundation alumna. She graduated with a degree in journalism and international affairs from Northeastern University.

Kaylee Hammonds

Associate Editor,

Kaylee Hammonds was born in Seoul, and adopted by nice Southern parents when she was four months old. A former food and garden editor at Southern Living magazine, she has also worked at Saveur and Tasting Table. A former student of economics, and a graduate of NYU’s Food Studies MA program, Kaylee likes to bore people with food policy rants, collecting cookbooks like a hoarder, and pining for the church-supper food she grew up eating.

Alexa van Sickle

Senior Producer/Journalist

Before joining R&K, where she handles production and edits the Know Before You Go, Breakfast, and 5 O'Clock Somewhere sections, Alexa was an editor and analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, she has worked in journalism and book publishing for over a decade. She started out reviewing stand-up comedy and shadow-puppet shows at the Edinburgh Festival and writing train-travel articles for a free paper in London before moving on to longform pieces on Cuban baseball and editing books on obscure EU agricultural laws. She has written for The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Week, the BBC, openDemocracy, and various scholarly journals. Alexa grew up in Vienna, Austria, with British and Canadian heritage.

Shivani Mehta

Business Development

Shivani Mehta is the Business Development Associate at R&K. Originally from Mumbai, India, she ventured to the US to attend Sarah Lawrence College where she studied everything from psychotherapy to non-fiction writing, cinematography, and French. Through a series of short stints in advertising, she went on to join The Barbarian Group as a Media & Distribution Lead for Pepsi. A lifelong foodie, Shivani has always had a taste for all things spicy and/or covered in cheese (as long as it’s vegetarian). She documents her NYC food journey through her Instagram: shivseatsworld. Oh, and she’s also danced in Bollywood films. (But that’s no big deal.)

Douglas Hughmanick

Co-Founder, Chief Creative

Douglas Hughmanick is an award-winning Creative Director/Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent nearly a decade working on visual styling and experiences for brands like Tesla Motors, Namco Bandai Games and Facebook. Formally trained in New Media design with roots in urban street art, Doug manages to get away from the computer as well: From walking the sludge of the Stung Meanchey landfill that 2000+ Cambodians call their homeoffice, to a Grizzly face off in rural Montana to opening shows for hip hop legends MosDef and Talib Kweli as an MC; his perspective for the digital world is balanced by experiences in the real one.

Chris Rhee

Chief Developer

Chris Rhee started making websites at age 13 and never stopped. As a freelance designer & developer, he’s worked with small startups, household names and a half dozen companies worth over a billion dollars. Chris works remotely and travels regularly - his mail has been forwarded to California’s Bay Area, Portland, Brooklyn, Virginia and Taipei. His sleep schedule never matches the local time zone. Chris only speaks one language, but with a lot of slang you never heard before.

Yepoka Yeebo

Assistant Editor

Yepoka Yeebo is a foreign correspondent and photographer working primarily in West Africa. She spent a year getting lost in a Ghanaian slum called Sodom and Gomorrah, got addicted to the chai in Hong Kong’s Chungking Mansions, and is still obsessed with Harlem’s last community of black Jews. Her work has appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, PRI’s The World, The Big Roundtable, The Atlantic, Quartz, and Deutsche Welle. When not picking her way through half-built sewage treatment plants in Accra, she lives in a crumbling Regency house in Brighton.

Laura Pérez

Social Media Editor

Laura Pérez was born in Igualada, Spain, a small town outside Barcelona mildly obsessed with Catalan independence. She has a masters in online marketing from ITEAP and worked as a marketing publisher for Zinio in their Spain branch. Laura was the fearless producer behind R&K's first international foray, a trip to Burma where she posed as a caterer from New Jersey to gain entrance into the country. She coordinates R&K's channels on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Tyler Elmore


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tyler took the leap from the west coast to New York City to study Journalism + Design at The New School in Manhattan. She has done editorial and web design for both her current and previous college papers but also has a passion for food writing. When she isn't working on school projects, she spends her time roaming New York streets looking for a super burrito that is comparable to the ones back in California. (The search is still ongoing.)

Michael Snyder

Associate Editor

Michael Snyder started his career in journalism in 2011, writing food and travel stories for the vaguely sinister-sounding Chilean government organization, Fundación Imagen País (the Image of the Nation Foundation). In 2012, he moved to Mumbai, India, where he lived for nearly five years, reporting stories on pirates, insurgent hill tribes, urban planning, and vegetarian extremism for publications like Lucky Peach, the New York Times and The Believer, among others. Last year, he moved to Mexico City. Though he identifies as a food writer, he is not, and has never been, a restaurant blogger.