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About R&K

Roads & Kingdoms is an independent journal of food, politics, travel and culture. It was recently voted the Gold Winner for Best Travel Journalism Site by the Society of American Travel Writers. The magazine first launched in Myanmar as a Tumblr that became a home for reports on everything from Burmese civil war to dissident MCs to the perils of rancid crab. R&K is now a fulltime digital magazine based in New York and Barcelona, publishing longform dispatches, interviews and global ephemera daily.

Our current publishing partnerships include The Far Post, a global soccer series with Sports Illustrated and weekly foreign correspondence dispatches with Slate. We also partner with select brands: email contact @ for more information.

“Roads & Kingdoms”, by the way, is cribbed from The Book of Roads & Kingdoms, a phenomenal early travelogue written in the 11th century by Abu Abdullah al-Bakri in Córdoba, now home to a mediocre football club playing in Spain’s second division.

How to Pitch: We accept pitches from freelance writers, carousers and photographers. The first and most important thing is to read Roads & Kingdoms. Our stories are a little different here, and if you can pick up on that difference, you’ll have a much better chance of success. We do not accept completed manuscripts, so even if you’ve already written a piece, just send us a pithy paragraph or two about what it is. Email your idea to and you’ll get an autoresponse with more information about our rates and approval process.


Nathan Thornburgh

Chief Editor / Publisher

Nathan Thornburgh spent much of the last decade working at TIME Magazine as foreign correspondent and editor. He’s reported on everything from cyberwar in Russia (favorite dish: solyanka) to information war in Georgia (favorite dish: khinkali) to the drug wars in Juarez (favorite dish: chilaquiles). Nathan speaks four languages and can point at pictures of food on menus written in 20 others.

Matt Goulding

Chief Editor / Publisher

Matt Goulding is the former food editor of Men's Health and the co-author of the New York Times bestselling series Eat This, Not That. He published his first travel story about being the only American in a Spanish culinary school. In the decade since, he's cooked on boats in Patagonia, worked at a carwash in Barcelona, and taught MCAT courses in the Bay Area. Mostly, though, he has worked in the magazine business, first compiling the Index at Harper's and later covering food and travel for Men's Health. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Food and Wine and New York. He divides his time between the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and the open skies of rural North Carolina.

Douglas Hughmanick

Chief Creative

Douglas Hughmanick is an award-winning Creative Director/Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent nearly a decade working on visual styling and experiences for brands like Tesla Motors, Namco Bandai Games and Facebook. Formally trained in New Media design with roots in urban street art, Doug manages to get away from the computer as well: From walking the sludge of the Stung Meanchey landfill that 2000+ Cambodians call their homeoffice, to a Grizzly face off in rural Montana to opening shows for hip hop legends MosDef and Talib Kweli as an MC; his perspective for the digital world is balanced by experiences in the real one.

Pauline Eiferman

Director of Photography

Pauline Eiferman was born in Paris and lived in Washington and the UK before moving to New York. She has not one, but two journalism degrees (Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and l’École de Journalisme de Sciences Po Paris). She has worked for Agence France Presse, Creative Time Reports, and Monocle Magazine. For Roads & Kingdoms she oversees all photography and Instagram contributors and interviews amazing photographers from around the world.

Mitch Moxley

Features Editor

Mitch Moxley has written for publications including The Atlantic, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and TIME, filing stories from China, Burma, Mongolia, India, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and elsewhere. Mitch has eaten scorpions, partied with models in Manila, and donned the skin of a Second Life avatar—all in the name of journalism. His first book, Apologies to My Censor: The High and Low Adventures of a Foreigner in China, was published by Harper Perennial in 2013.

Kanishk Tharoor

Global Soccer Editor

Kanishk Tharoor's articles on politics and culture have appeared in publications in India, the Middle East, UK, and US. His short fiction has won a few prizes and been nominated for a National Magazine Award. Born in Singapore, raised in pastoral Switzerland, and schooled in New York City, Kanishk is very happy to be Indian. He is a card-carrying member of Arsenal Football Club. Like most people, he lives in Brooklyn.

Laura Pérez

Social Media Editor

Laura was born in Igualada, Spain, a small town outside Barcelona mildly obsessed with Catalan independence. She has a masters in online marketing from ITEAP and worked as a marketing publisher for Zinio in their Spain branch. Laura was the fearless producer behind R&K's first international foray, a trip to Burma where she posed as a caterer from New Jersey to gain entrance into the country. She coordinates R&K's channels on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Alexa van Sickle


Before producing for R&K, Alexa was an editor and writer at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a global security think tank, and assistant editor of the Institute’s scholarly journal, ‘Survival: Global Politics and Strategy’. A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, Alexa has held various roles in publishing and journalism including arts reviewing, book editing, beat reporting and travel writing, and her work has appeared in The Guardian, the Atlantic, Forbes and openDemocracy, among others. Alexa grew up in Vienna, Austria, and has British Canadian heritage. Particular interests include Cuba, food and surfing.

Chris Stromquist

Music Editor

Chris Stromquist is a musician, composer, producer and occasional crowdsurfer living in New York City. When not on tour with bands such as Kultur Shock and Slavic Soul Party! he can be found performing around New York as well as composing and recording in his Brooklyn studio. When in Sarajevo he always eats Ćevapčići. In Buenos Aires his favorite cuts are Asado de tira, Entraña and Vacio. In Berlin or Istanbul he will always eat ișkembe çorbası, even if he's not hung over.