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Mérida and the Yucatan

Mérida the Brave

December 2 - December 6, 2023

Yucatán of the endless rainforest, distant Mayan legends, cobblestone and conquest. And at its heart is the dynamic colonial city of Mérida. Join us for an unrivaled four-night exploration of culture and cuisine, with guides like renegade farmers, Mayan grainkeepers, taco savants and even the legendary American chef (and Mérida evangelist) Jeremiah Tower.

Gonzalo Gil Lavedra

Our Host

Poet, Gourmand, Yucatan whisperer to the stars
Gonzalo Gil Lavedra

Nathan Thornburgh

Trip Guide

R&K Co-Founder
Nathan Thornburgh

R&K Trip Itinerary

The ingredients of this journey go beyond cochinita pibil, deeper than the inky depths of a recado negro. It is about the people, not only the creative and hospitable Yucatecos, but also the dreamers and visionaries from other parts of the world who call the region home. Our two guides have a full complement of connections, friends and conspirators, who are eager to show their appreciation for the land.

December 2 – December 6, 2023

Day 1

Dec 2 Sat

Welcome to Mérida

  • Casa Lecanda
  • Calle 47 471 Zona Paseo Montejo
  • +52 999 928 0111
  • Private transfer from Mérida Airport to our private homebase for the trip: the colonial gem Casa Lecanda
  • Welcome cocktails by the pool with culinary legend—and Mérida evangelist—Jeremiah Tower
  • First night private dinner at the great Mérida restaurant Ramiro with a pairing of Yucatán flavors and elegant Mexican wines

Day 2

Dec 3 Sun

Life in the Capital

  • Casa Lecanda
  • Calle 47 471 Zona Paseo Montejo
  • +52 999 928 0111
  • Breakfast mission to eat lavishly with the queen of Yucatán tacos, Doña Lupita
  • Historical walk through the center of the colonial city to understand a bit about how time and culture have influenced the cuisine of this place, with chef Abril Batún of Luciérnagas y Cosmonautas
  • Lunch at the Luciérnagas y Cosmonautas, Abril Batún and Natalia Sánchez’s creative Yucateca restaurant in central Mérida
  • Open bar or siesta, your choice
  • Dinner in the Yucatán countryside, immersed in the complex and fascinating history of the henequen hacienda epoch, with a private dinner at Hacienda Tamchen

Day 3

Dec 4 Mon

Into the Interior

  • Casona Los Cedros
  • Calle 26 – 199, Centro, 97730 Espita
  • +52 986 114 3220
  • Roadtrip! Pack an overnight bag; we’re keeping our rooms at Casa Lecanda but headed for one magical night in Espita
  • En route grab a rich, perfect Yucateco egg breakfast with Doña Evelia of Huevos Motuleños
  • Check into the elegant, intimate boutique property Casona los Cedros
  • Epic afternoon at Mestiza de Indias, a masterclass of Mayan agriculture, cooking and drinking with our host Gonzalo Samaranch

Day 4

Dec 5 Tue

The last big night

  • Casa Lecanda
  • Calle 47 471 Zona Paseo Montejo
  • +52 999 928 0111
  • Leisurely breakfast by the pool at Casona Los Cedros
  • Snacks and drinks at a private cenote, one of those stunning Yucatán watering holes that is a window into the geologic and anthropocentric history of the peninsula
  • Big last dinner at Refettorio, with visiting chef Drew Deckman of the iconic Deckman’s in Baja California and chef Alex Mendez using products from local producers including Mestiza de Indias

Day 5

Dec 6 Wed

K’a’ ak’ate (that’s goodbye in Mayan)

  • One last, languorous breakfast at Casa Lecanda
  • Private transfer to Mérida Airport
  • Adios, hasta la proxima, no lloren mis buenos

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