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R&K Insider: Charleston eating edition

Let’s discuss where all Albanians lost their virginity.

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Hello, dear readers! I’m back from vacation in Charleston, which was a grand old time. Mostly, I ate, my favorite pastime in the Holy City. My personal favorite spot is The Ordinary, which I was able to hit multiple times. Their oyster slider has haunted my dreams for years. Seriously. Triggerfish at Fig was part of a beautiful dish of beets, asparagus, olives, and a sauce soubise that I basically ate with a spoon. I will never, ever reveal how many times I went to Callie’s Biscuits, but rest assured it’s shameful and that I have no regrets. I also made it over to Xiao Bao Biscuit, where I had shaking beef with fermented radish that was an umami-packed gift from the gods.

I also got some good news while ferrying through the Charleston Harbor (which you should also do if you can stop eating long enough). Fuck yeah, France, for not electing a far-right crazy! “Was it a lack of economic anxiety, or a lack or racism?” It didn’t hurt that no one in the human wasteland that is 4chan could figure out how to speak French. That is so satisfying. And the French anti-hacker strategy was also great. Vive la France! Britain, not so much. And South Korea also had an election, which was arguably even more important. Here’s an interview with the new president.

In more good news, it’s Eurovision season! Man, do I love this stupid competition. And I love re-visiting Anthony Lane’s delightfully bitchy, very long dispatch from the the festival when it was held in Oslo in 2010. It makes me guffaw every time. And then maybe it’s time to go deep on why Euro pop makes no sense. And seriously, watch the Eurovision videos this afternoon while you should be working. You’ll thank me later.

And now, a few other tidbits I’ve been reading: I’m going to St. Croix this summer and really enjoyed this article on Alexander Hamilton’s tragic childhood on the island. How ringtones are changing Nigeria’s music industry. The laptop ban spreads. Are we going to talk about Estonia’s beaver problem? Let’s eat a McDonald’s apple pie! Let’s not drink the worst liquor in Slovakia. Let’s discuss where all Albanians lost their virginity. That time the French aristocracy was obsessed with sexy face stickers. Am I the only one who was weirdly captivated by Justin Bieber heading to India yesterday? Why do I possibly care about that? Speaking of things no one should care about, someone made a smart salt shaker called Smalt, and I wish I could say that’s the most insane decision I read about this week, but it’s not.

And finally, thanks to everyone who came out for our Journalism & Drinks event last night to  benefit Doctors Without Borders. I chatted with the incomparable Yasmin Khan about traveling in Iran, telling stories through food, and the current political climate. Hope to see you at the next one!

That’s it for this week! See you again next week for more of the best in politics, food, and travel from around the web. Tweet me stories you want to see here @caraparks.

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