One phone, 11 million people. The artists and musicians of São Paulo share an iPhone throughout September.

This is an idea we like. It’s called Projeto Zanzar (“zanzar” being Portuguese for wandering around), in which the people at Pitzi have passed around an iPhone (no, not the iPhone 5, you fanboys) to different São Paulo artists, writers and DJs throughout the month of September. All pictures were uploaded to Instagram or a DropBox account on the phone. These are the best of them.

Pitzi is a São Paulo startup that aims to solve one particular headache: the difficulty of getting broken iPhones fixed in Brazil. They offer monthly protection plans against all form of damage and disrepair, ranging from $10-$12 a month.

The only thing they don’t cover, alas, is theft. “Apple picking”, as it’s called, is a big enough problem in New York that the NYPD is launching a special program to reduce iPhone theft. But in New York, as in São Paulo, if someone steals your phone, you’re still on your own.

The creator of Projeto Zanzar, Pitzi co-founder Gabriel Reilich, told Roads & Kingdoms in an email why he started it all:

“I come from a film and music background, and I think (like most people, I’m sure) that insurance is probably the most boring thing in the world. So, I wanted to create some projects that dealt with exploring the art & culture of Brazil using cell phones as the medium. I think cell phones, being miniature studios in your pocket, can be used for a lot more than just calls, texts and applications.”

We agree. Check out the photos. It’s a view of São Paulo you probably haven’t seen before.

Self-portrait. Photographer: Luisa Micheletti
#Onibushacker. Photographer: Flip Yung
People. Photographer Unknown
Window. Photographer Unknown
Surfing the Blue Line. Photographer: Laura Taylor
Evening with chef’s Burger Avalanches. Photographer: Flip Yung
Jamés Ventura Crew. Photographer: Jamés Ventura
Holiday Chaos. Photographer: Helena Sasseron
Girl. Photographer: Thomas Haferlach
Corner of Henrique Schaumann & Teodoro. Photographer: Gabriel Reilich
Ginger Lhacer rollin’ organics. Photographer: Flip Yung
Untitled. Photographer: Hugo Frasa
Cushion by Talita Rossi. Photographer: Facundo Guerra
Untitled. Photographer: Hugo Frasa
Tibira. Photographer: Hugo Frasa
Office. Photographer: Renan Dissenha Fagundes
Projeto Zanzar’s phone