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Marrakesh — Imlil — Essaouira

Morocco, from the Medina to the Sea

Feb 24, 2024—March 2, 2024

This week is a full celebration of the best of central and western Morocco. The city, the mountain, the coast. All with charismatic local hosts and deep food experiences alike.

Anissa Helou

Our Host

Cook, Author of Cafe Morocco (and many other books)
Anissa Helou

Nathan Thornburgh

Trip Guide

R&K Co-founder, host of The Trip podcast
Nathan Thornburgh

R&K Trip Itinerary

A week of the best of Morocco, from luxurious riads and back-alley cooking in Marrakesh to Berber feasts in the highlands to the coastal ease of Essaouira.

Feb 24, 2024—March 2, 2024

Day 1

Feb 24 Sat

Welcome to Marrakesh

  • Riad in the Medina of Marrakesh
  • Private transfer from Marrakesh Airport to our riad—one of those stately Moroccan homes centered around secluded courtyards
  • Welcome cocktails at the Riad with our hosts Abderrahim, Alejo and Nathan
  • Easy, lovely first-night dinner at La Taverne, a classic French-Moroccan bistro in the former colonial district

Day 2

Feb 25 Sun

Spice and Rice

  • Riad in the Medina of Marrakesh
  • Wake up to the sound of songbirds and the muzzein (not the earliest call to prayer, please) for a morning of spice and cooking techniques with the charismatic Najlae el Rhazi
  • Shop the markets with Najlae, helping prepare a tradition Marrakshi lunch in her family’s home
  • Eat what we’ve cooked of course
  • Back to the riad for a siesta
  • Dinner of street food and street life in the whirling wonderland that is the Old City’s main square Jemaa el-Fnaa

Day 3

Feb 26 Mon

Chef Bana Day

  • Riad in the Medina of Marrakesh
  • This is Chef Bana’s day, let’s go to the medina
  • Join the Marrakesh icon for a day of preparing lamb Tanjiya, a deeply meaningful dish for Marrakshi people.
  • Shopping, prepping, then delivering the tanjiyas to the pitmasters be slowcooked for five hours while we go rest, or visit the hammam, or shop for crafts and textiles. Your choice.
  • Late lunch of this lamb tanjiya, accompanied by the classic feast music sang by Chef Bana himself
  • Siesta y’all
  • Private dinner back at the Riad

Day 4

Feb 27 Tue

Into the mountains

  • Atlas mountain retreat
  • Up we go into the mountains. Check out of the Riad, private transfer into the Atlas Mountains.
  • The best Berber tagine you’ve ever had, at a roadside stall in the Atlas trading post of Asni
  • Check into our mountain retreat, which will be our Atlas base for the next two days
  • Cocktails poolside or walk through the hills. Dealer’s choice.
  • Private dinner of mountain gastronomy at the retreat

Day 5

Feb 28 Wed

Lamb lamb lamb

  • Atlas mountain retreat
  • Wake to fresh, cool mountain air, as one does
  • Travel by 4×4 into the high Atlas village of Aroumd, in the shadow of Mt Toubkal, the highest peak in the Arabic-speaking world
  • Meet up with our man in Aroumd, Mustafa: local grandee, lamb whisperer
  • Traditional lamb slaughter and cookout overlooking the valleys
  • Walk off our sins and fullnesses in the mountain villages while Ahwach music plays in the half-distance
  • Dinner of Berber specialties in Imlil

Day 6

Feb 29 Thu

  • Coastal Riad in Essaouira
  • Down to the coast!
  • Roadtrip across the dusted plains dotted with stone farmhouses and olive groves
  • Lunch on the way
  • Arrive in Essaouira, on the Atlantic but with vibes of a Mediterranean coastal village
  • Meet up with Chef Imad Fatih for sunset drinks
  • Light bites at our coastal Riad

Day 7

Mar 1 Fri

Imad of the Sea

  • Coastal Riad in Essaouira
  • Easy, smooth morning walking the village or just sleeping in
  • Private lunch at the famed fish market. Fresh catch, fresh grilled, fresh herbs, fresh lemon.
  • Afternoon of bread, music, argan oil with local producers
  • Last night by the sea with cocktails and local specialties at Restaurant Il Mare

Day 8

Mar 2 Sat

So long, Marrakech

  • One last gorgeous Mogador breakfast
  • Private transfer to Essaouira airport for flights home
  • Goodbye Morocco, until the next

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