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Roads & Kingdoms is bringing its award-winning storytelling to select brands

The Goods

What We Do

We combine iconic editorial voices with our digital DNA to create lasting campaigns for the right brands. Our sister company ANML develops digital and mobile experiences for brands from Autodesk to Yummly, while Roads & Kingdoms creates award-winning content and editorial consulting. We don’t work with everyone, but if your brand has the right story to tell, we can help in the telling, from building unique web and mobile experiences to creating and distributing unforgettable video and written content. A small sampler below:


With New York Times bestselling author (and R&K Chief Creative) Matt Goulding leading the way, R&K explored ways of reinventing the cooking technique video. The purpose of these videos is the purpose of Breville: to bring professional-level cooking to home kitchens, stylishly. The R&K touch was to take these beyond product videos to create compelling content that would reinforce Breville’s evolution as a vital chef-driven content creator, not just an appliance maker. Over a series of conversations with team Breville last spring, Pro Moves was born.



In the first month after it launched, the Pro Moves series with Breville received more than 400,000 views on YouTube, ranking it among YouTube’s most successful shortform instructional cooking series that quarter.


The Results

5 Million Downloads and Counting

Awarded “Best of 2014” in App Store

4½ stars with over 4,200 ratings

When emerging recipe website Yummly approached Roads & Kingdom’s sister company ANML in early 2013, it only needed help with a few infographics. After a successful first project, Yummly brought on ANML to redesign their original app. The resulting app was named "Best of 2014" by Apple. Today, ANML works as an extension of the Yummly team, an award-winning partnership that has helped define Yummly’s mobile identity, including its iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android apps.


With the World Cup approaching and Tumblr looking to elevate original content from its creative community, Roads & Kingdoms was brought in to create an editorial series that would appeal to its diverse global audience. Over a series of creative conversations a year ahead of the tournament, we decided on a wide-ranging longform series that would go beyond the headlines and dive deep into the way that soccer can explain cultures around the world. We found the perfect publishing partner in Sports Illustrated.

Over the next twelve months, we were in Kabul stadium during Afghanistan’s historic victory in the Asia Cup, we traveled to the favelas to explore how the Brazilian language was changed forever by the game, and we led readers on an epic international soccer bar-crawl through the five boros of New York. The soccer world took notice.

The Results

Over 1 million pageviews

The series was distributed widely across R&K, Sports Illustrated and Tumblr. The Guardian wrote that “it doesn’t get much better than this” while author Shireen Ahmed summed up the series this way: The Far Post, she wrote, is “so good you’ll cry.”

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Roads & Kingdoms and ANML have worked with everyone from the University of California to Fortune 500 companies to strengthen their brands. Reach our creative team at

For small-budget, high-impact brand awareness, we also have on-site advertising and sponsorship opportunities for and related social media platforms. Contact us for a media kit.