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R&K Holiday Knifing Bundle

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Perfect for chiffonading holiday vegetables, showing off Anthony Bourdain’s florid signature, or simply settling family grudges: the R&K Holiday Knifing Bundle is here. Enjoy our deeply discounted kitchen package, featuring our latest book, our latest zine, and Bourdain’s favorite two-knife essentials kit. Includes:

Signed Copy of Grape, Olive, Pig: Get a hardcover copy of Matt Goulding’s deep dive into the food culture of Spain, signed by publisher Anthony Bourdain. Grape, Olive, Pig a beautifully illustrated, personal exploration of the country’s regional food traditions features in-depth narratives, insights on the country’s complex history, and insider guides to the most revered regional delicacies and treasured customs—from acorn-fed ham in Salamanca to paella in Valencia to late-night eating in Madrid. “Matt Goulding has written a magnificent love letter to his adopted home.” —Anthony Bourdain

Knife Skills Zine: Cooking can be intimidating, but we at Roads & Kingdoms believe that with guidance and practice, anyone can master some kitchen essentials. That’s why we’ve created a zine to get you knifing like a pro. Our illustrated guide covers the basics you need to slice with confidence, from knife hacks to useful terms. There’s even a bonus illustration on the back by Miss Daisy Dee.

Global 8″ Hollow Ground Chef’s Knife: The most essential and versatile blade in every cook’s kit, this mid-sized, lightweight chef’s knife can slice sirloin, chop onions, mince garlic, julienne peppers, and generally make quick work of pretty much any plant or protein you place before it.

6″ Serrated Utility Knife: Built for more than just slicing bread and tomatoes, the sleek size and triangular shape makes this serrated blade ideal for handling everything from root vegetables to fruit to large cuts of meat.