James Beard Publication of the Year 2017

How to Pitch R&K

Hey there! We’re thrilled that you’d like to publish your writing or photography with us.

Those who have written for us before know the drill. If you haven’t, here are a few things to keep in mind to give your pitch the best chance.

  • The first and most important thing is to read Roads & Kingdoms. Our stories are a little different here, and if you can pick up on that difference, you’ll have a much better chance of success. The always-on-point Helen Rosner tweeted about this not long ago. Read up.

  • Send us your pitch in a few paragraphs. We do not accept completed manuscripts, so if you’ve already written a piece, summarize in a paragraph what the story is about and the character(s) driving it.

  • Do not send unsolicited attachments. If you want to send us your previous work samples, include a link.

  • We only accept pitches via email: pitches@roadsandkingdoms.com.

  • Do not pitch us stories pegged to a cultural event or a religious festival. Also, please don’t send us breaking news pitches—they’re not for us.

  • Have a clear sense of which of our sections best fits your story. If you’re pitching a few hundred words about an airplane-turned-bar or a camel milk cocktail, that would likely be a good fit for our 5 o’clock somewhere series. Had a tripe soup for breakfast on a recent trip? We have a section devoted to that, too. Send breakfast or 5 o’clock somewhere pitches to breakfast@roadsandkingdoms.com.

  • If you’d like pitch a piece for our Know Before You Go series, make sure you explain your connection to the city or country you want to write about, and give us a few examples of points you would cover. For this series, we tend to work with authors who know the places really well—who are from there, or have lived there for several years. (Don’t pitch us a Know Before You Go for Rio De Janeiro if you have just returned from a two-week vacation there.) Above all, these pieces should be honest, with a nice mix of specific practical information and general wisdom that can tell us something about the place we won’t find in guidebooks.

  • If you want to write a longform feature, including for our Dispatched by Bourdain series, tell us what makes it a great feature—how long do you plan to spend on the ground reporting it, who is/are your main character, and what is the central idea behind it? Please don’t send us a topic—send us a well-researched idea with a plan to execute it.

  • Pitch us an original idea. Google before you write us a pitch. If you’re pitching a story that has been covered before—either by us or by other publications—tell us why your angle is fresh and why we should publish it now.

  • Tell us what your plans are visually for your story. Are you taking your own photographs? Are you working with someone? Make it super clear if you’re only working as a team.

  • Roads & Kingdoms receives dozens of pitches every day from journalists, writers, carousers and photographers from all over the world. Our editorial team meets once a week to discuss the ideas that stand out. We won’t be able to respond to every single pitch, but if we like your idea, we will get back to you within two weeks or sooner to discuss how to proceed. If there’s time pressure, please make that clear.

  • Finally, tell us who you are in one or two sentences. We do not need your complete resume, but we’d love to hear where you have published your work before.

  • About rates: we are independent digital media. Rates range from super-webby to slightly less webby, from $25 for a breakfast post to $150 for a basic feature to $1000 and up for an in-depth longform for our Dispatched series.