Roads and Kingdoms is going on Fox News tonight

Roads and Kingdoms is going on Fox News tonight. I’m an occasional guest of Off the Record On the Record with Greta van Susteren (she and I share an unexpected love of Wasilla, Alaska), and I’ll be going on tonight (at 10:40 EST for you night owls) to talk about the proposed unmanned border crossing in Big Bend National Park in rural Texas.

Roads and Kingdoms will be going to Mexico in the near future, because it’s an important story, and one we know well. This picture is from the lovely tourist town of Juárez, Mex., where I spent Spring Break this year visiting murder scenes and trying to get a drink at the famous old Kentucky Club.

Not able to make it to the television? Here’s a summary of my thoughts about this border crossing (and any others like it in future): what makes sense in Washington doesn’t always make sense on the ground. We learned as much in Burma—where the U.S. State Department saw glasnost and I saw an ongoing, brutal civil war—and it’s just as true in the Rio Grande Valley.

So if the border crossing helps Big Bend and the communities it serves, then it is by definition the right thing. Calling for a complete lockdown of the southern border may be good politics, but it won’t help the park or the townspeople on either side of the river. That’s the idea. I’ll be On the Record with it shortly.